Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do what I say or do what I do?

He  has a sad because his followers not got enlightened.

One problem with following a spiritual teacher or path is that the event of "enlightenment" seems to occur pretty randomly - at least so it seems.

Even assuming that everybody who is claiming to be enlightened is enlightened - which I never assume- the stories are quite nonlinear.

One person I know even got enlightened being hit by lightning! Don't try that at home!

Everybody has a different story and it's not like doing any one thing actually always works. Generally people propose others do the thing that got them going even though that may not work for a single other person. Ramana Maharshi got enlightened  by asking himself "who am I?" So thousands of people have followed that line of inquiry for the last century. But it doesn't work for very many people. Some other people got enlightened by meditating, so they propose that. Another fellow got enlightened while eating Chinese food. But he was smart enough not to recommend that as a method-  LOL. Generally though people do recommend what they themselves did. But then it gets frustrating when nobody can actually follow them and get the same results.

This is not exactly new stuff. In fact it's the basic theme of the rock opera Tommy which I saw as a young dude. Blind little Tommy getz some enlightenment by playing pinball and so he teaches all his other disciples to play pinball too. Blindfolded.  When it doesn't work, his followers rebel.

In real life, tho, not so much.

Instead, thousands of people are buying books, going to workshops and even a few sitting in ashrams all trying to do what someone did before. OK, I dig it.

It's even more funny with the guy who got enlightened by Chinese food and the other guy who got enlightened by lightning... What do they recommend? Well the same old stuff - meditating and
whatever. Well, what else are they going to do?

I feel  kinda sorry for the poor spiritual teachers. Aside from all the sex, money and power they got a tough life.  :-(

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